Pet Treats
For busy fur moms & dads...

Gummy Pet Treats For the Pickiest Eater

… while still being part of your pet’s holistic diet, without any preservatives or sugar!

Strengthens Bones & Joints

Maintain Skin & Fur

Improve Digestion

Strengthen Immunity

Best Selling Pet Treats

  • Pantry Staples

    Sweet Potato Barks Pet Treat

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  • Pantry Staples

    Milk Flakies Meal Topper

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  • Pantry Staples

    Milk Puffs Pet Treat

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    Banana Buttermilk Meal Topper

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    Banana Crisps Pet Treats

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  • Pantry Staples

    Golden Boi Meal Topper

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  • Savory Gummy Pet Treats

    Golden Steak Gummy Pet Treats

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  • Pumpkin Chicken
    Savory Gummy Pet Treats

    Pumpkin Chicken Gummy Pet Treats

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  • Banana Split
    Sweet Gummy Pet Treats

    Banana Split Gummy Pet Treats

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  • Sweet Gummy Pet Treats

    Berry Milkshake Gummy Pet Treats

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Being a full-time fur mom/ dad, on top of a busy lifestyle, is challenging.

Kyuubites was started with a mission to change that.

Not only healthy but yummy for your pet!

Our pet treats are packed with the super-ingredients collagen & gelatin, that will not only be yummy but also health for your pet!

Why collagen & gelatin? These 2 ingredients are proven by research to improve mobility, skin care, and many more for your fur baby!

Your shopping stops here: a treat picky eaters will love!

Isn’t it frustrating to experiment with different treats, only to find out that your pet won’t eat them at all? 

You can’t go wrong with 40+ happy fur moms & dads! More often than not, picky eaters gobble up Kyuubites!

Pet Treat Categories

Savory Line

Sweet Line

No more 2nd guessing & overspending: One treat has everything your fur baby needs!

Are you sick & tired of adding different meats, vegetable toppers, egg shells, and other different ingredients to make your pet feel full? Also spending on different dehydrated treats & toppers?

Kyuubites ensures that: we maximize the benefits your fur-babies can get in one treat!

Made with heart 💖 Fresh with no preservatives!

We always make sure to use only the best and safest ingredients! We do not use any preservative or added sugar, no matter what cost.

Some ingredients to look out for include corn syrup, potassium sorbate, and xylitol.

100% Fully-backed by Kyuubi 💖

We make sure that what we recommend is what Kyuubi herself would be happy & safe with!

Kyuubi 3

You can't go wrong with 40+ happy fur parents!

New favorite gummies ❤️❤️👍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

We like it. We already tried all the 3 flavors. Paw approved 👍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Thank you 💕 He loves all the flavors & just couldn't get enough of it 😍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Kenny & his new army of @kyuubites gummies! His favorite is the berry milkshake - just mixed it in with his kibble for dinner & it's gone in less than 5 minutes! This reminds me of the time I first game him real blueberries, he was super interested & ate them super fast! Am glad I'm able to introduce him to new ways of snacks every now & then!

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Yees she's enjoying it so much!! Hehe 🥺 Thank you so much again!! We're very happy 🥰🥰🥰

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Omg!! Thank youu so much for these Kyuubites fam! 🤩😍 We can't wait for Bella to try these!! Hehe. Actually, I gave her one gummy kanina. She was snifffing it at first, but I didn't notice she ate it na pala 😆 She's such a picky eater, so I was pretty surprised when she ate it agad haha 😆 And then she slept na after! Lol 😆

Happy Kyuubites Customer

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