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Frequently Asked Questions!

We cater within Metro Manila area & its neighboring cities that instant couriers from Metro Manila can cater to.

We are located in Quezon City.

We only accept deliveries through instant couriers, as our products have to be kept cool in the refrigerator. We will provide reusable ice packs to keep your orders cool while in transit.

We also accept pick-ups.

There are 50 pcs. per bottle.

Our products are best consumed within 1-2 weeks after production.

Kindly refrigerate the gummies once you receive them. We highly recommend them to be placed in the refrigerator and not by the door or in the chilled cases due to the difference in temperature.

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Please see the maximum recommended serving size based on your pet's weight to the amount of Gelatin they can take in a day. Although as with everything, we do recommend them to be taken in moderation as well.

Our products are great to feed at any age as long as they can already eat solid food. Our gummies are actually much more beneficial to be introduced at a young age to foster healthy bone health, but can be started at any age.

Our products are made on a per-order basis to ensure that the gummies are fresh once we hand them over to you, as they do not contain any preservatives.

For frozen gummies, we recommend to directly feed them fresh from the freezer just as you would a Popsicle or thaw the amount you will be feeding for a few minutes.

Yes, they are safe for cats & dogs.

Please see our Introduction guide, and repeat until they are familiar with the texture.

FREE Guide: 4 Ways to Incorporate Gummies to Your Fur Baby's Diet

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