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Work with a brand proven to sell to pet owners in the Philippines.


The landscape of pet owners in the Philippines is changing.

If you are working with other Pet Treat businesses, chances are they offer:

Pet owners are no longer satisfied & demand more, creating demand for cleaner, better, more holistic pet treats in the market.

Why work with Kyuubites?

Work with a 1st mover

If not the 1st, we are one of the 1st to offer pet treats containing the super-ingredients collagen & gelatin, while avoiding adding preservatives & sugar.

There are no other pet treats in the market that serve natural treats with these ingredients, while still appealing to the taste of picky eaters.

Target lucrative customers

According to this report, pets are a good indicator of disposable income & wealth in developing markets, especially the Philippines. When a Filipino owns a pet dog or cat, they are more likely to have more disposable income, such as from a good paying job or through a business.

Partner with Kyuubites

Our Happy Partner!

With different types of treats being sold today, being a Kyuubites partner helped us boost our sales, since it is still new to the market. With the unfamiliarity of the product, it helped us reach other audiences and helped us introduce new products to our furbabies that can be enjoyed with added benefits to their health.
Hoomans & Woofs
Hoomans & Woofs
Kyuubites Partner

Take advantage of the Filipino's changing attitudes towards pets

Before, pets were used only as “bantay”. Filipinos would only raise pets for the practical purposes of alerting if there were unwanted intruders at home.

Now, especially during the pandemic, Filipinos have a change of heart with their pets. They see them more as a closer part of their family, and family is very important for Filipinos.

Use Kyuubites to get more customers for your pet business

May it be through a giveaway or simply adding to their product line, other business owners have already incorporated Kyuubites to successfully increase their customer base & reach out to new & better markets.

No more 2nd guessing: a validated market

You can’t go wrong with 40+ happy fur moms & dads!

New favorite gummies ❤️❤️👍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

We like it. We already tried all the 3 flavors. Paw approved 👍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Thank you 💕 He loves all the flavors & just couldn't get enough of it 😍

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Kenny & his new army of @kyuubites gummies! His favorite is the berry milkshake - just mixed it in with his kibble for dinner & it's gone in less than 5 minutes! This reminds me of the time I first game him real blueberries, he was super interested & ate them super fast! Am glad I'm able to introduce him to new ways of snacks every now & then!

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Yees she's enjoying it so much!! Hehe 🥺 Thank you so much again!! We're very happy 🥰🥰🥰

Happy Kyuubites Customer

Omg!! Thank youu so much for these Kyuubites fam! 🤩😍 We can't wait for Bella to try these!! Hehe. Actually, I gave her one gummy kanina. She was snifffing it at first, but I didn't notice she ate it na pala 😆 She's such a picky eater, so I was pretty surprised when she ate it agad haha 😆 And then she slept na after! Lol 😆

Happy Kyuubites Customer

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