Su-paw Meal Topper



Kyuubites’ Su-Paw Meal Topper is your new pantry staple!

Our Su-Paw Meal Topper are a great topper to help your fur-baby’s over all health, making this a great new addition to their meals. Made with our own special blend of ingredients that has been tried and tested with our own Paw-esident Kyuubi.

Our Su-Paw meal toppers are great to simply add on as a boots to your fur baby’s diets since we made sure to add in lots of benefits that would help with their bone & joints, keep their muscles healthy, boost their immunity, aid in digestion and also added benefits towards their skin & fur. Not to mention, they also do not stain your fur baby’s coat!

Here’s to our Su-paw pets and meeting their su-paw needs!

Ingredients: Ground Pumpkin seeds, Chia Seeds, Wheat Grass, Moringa, Spirulina, Gelatin

*Note: Topper can be customized depending on your pet’s condition/ Allergen.


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