Banana Split Gummy Pet Treats

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Our Banana Split Gummy Pet Treats will make your fur-babies go Bananas, we know our Paw-esident Kyuubi does all the time!

Kyuubites’ Banana Split Gummy Pet Treats are made with our homemade banana crisps to contrast the milky base with the chewy banana texture. They provide multiple healthy benefits from gelatin that will help with their bone & joint. They also help maintain your fur-babies’ skin and fur as well as aid in digestion. They are also a perfect treat to give an added boost to their immunity and contains vitamin B6 that helps with brain and body functions.

This is definitely a perfect way to incorporate for fruits into their diets!

2 reviews for Banana Split Gummy Pet Treats

  1. Craiova

    Kuya @Onionthaspin shared his @Kyuubites treats with me I looooove it! Thank you again @willowandsisters. As per vet, its okay for my tummy as long as its fruits or veggie treatos!

    May liver problems kasi si Craiova and the bet told us na pwede siya ng banana split! Plus she loves it pa! Kaya if ever may doggos na may same condition kay Craiova, atleast may option sila sa products nyo.

  2. Tiny (verified owner)

    This is me and my brother Snoopy’s ultimate favorite flavor! Whenever we order from Kyuubites, this is a must in our cart! Can’t check out of Kyuubites without a jar of this super yummy Banana Split gummies 😍😍

    If you’re trying pet gummies for the first time, I think this would be the best flavor to try first! Dogs naturally have a sweet tooth and this is one sweet healthy treat to give to them! 🤍

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