Golden Boi Meal Topper

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Kyuubites’ Golden Boi Meal Topper will be your fur-baby’s next pantry staple!

Our Golden Boi Toppers are our anti-inflammatory and allergy prevention topper, making this topper a great help to your fur-babies who are experiencing allergies and the like. Made with our own special blend of ingredients that has been tried and tested with our own Paw-esident Kyuubi. This product is another one close to our hearts as for quite some time we couldn’t find ways to cure Kyuubi’s allergies around her eye, we’ve tried different products to help her but still could not find the right product to help her, until we started formulating the Golden Boi Topper, and truthfully, this is what helped solved our problem!

But that’s not all, our Golden Boi Toppers aren’t just a great remedy to allergies, but are also equally as great to simply add on as a boots to your fur baby’s diets since we made sure to add extra benefits that would help with their bone & joints, boost their immunity and also added benefits towards their skin & fur. Not to mention, they also do not stain your fur baby’s coat! we understand how frustrating it is to keep their furs in pristine condition, all you need is to rinse with a little soap and water!

Here’s to our Golden Boi-s (and girls)!

Ingredients: Turmeric, Golden Flax Seed Mill, Bee Pollen, Gelatin

*Note: Topper can be customized depending on your pet’s condition/ Allergen.

2 reviews for Golden Boi Meal Topper

  1. Harvey

    The dogs love it. Iggy’s tear stains got better after a few servings with it. Thanks! 10/10 would recommend. ☺️☺️

  2. Tiny

    I love this! I have very very sensitive skin and I get allergic reactions to almost anything so I’m glad that this reduces my inflammations! It’s definitely a must-have topper and I always make sure it’s available in my pantry. We highly recommend this product!

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